IBM License review


Every third or fourth Year IBM visits its customers to make sure that the intellectual property (software licenses) of IBM is used in a compliance manner. That means that IBM will check that the customer has the right number of use licenses for all IBM products. No more, no less. IBM is selecting companies after a more or less random schedule, the people involved is independent from IBM sales, so sales can not affect the decision whom to visit. Even thou they have ears and minds, so if they hear in the hallway that there is a customer under licensed, most likely they will put it on the list. No IBM salesperson or business partner can talk a customer out or in from the list.

When the review takes place IBM will start to contact the customer to announce the visit and starting of the process. IBM takes help from KPMG or Deloitte to make the actual review. The review itself will take from 1 month up to almost a Year depending on the complexity.

After the result is finalized a discussion with the IBM review team takes place and if there is any compliance issues a financial correction will be presented. In this phase there is no rebates or deductions in the prices, and if there is a lack of licenses it will be adressed up to two Years backwards.

The most common issues is a customer who runs PVU based software without installed ILMT and therefore is under licensed. ILMT (IBM License Metric Tool) is a demand for virtual environment if You are not willing to pay for the whole host environment. Not so uncommon is that if You run in a service centre, Your hosting partner has not installed ILMT. Important to check if You outsource the server.

Another common issue is too less users. Every person that can authenticate with the system must have a license. Disregarding in what way the user is authenticated or authorized. No more, no less. In some licenses there is Anonymous users, please check if You have that.

Donova has over 15 Years experience of IBM Licenses and can help You with advice. We also have solutions to make it easier to install ILMT.